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Exceptional nations form governments that guarantee the free pursuit of happiness while free cultures build the institutions that support the few and simple ways to pursue happiness; worshipping God, loving our neighbor as ourselves, building a family and working.

At this website you can learn more about Restore California and its mission to reduce fatherlessness, unwed pregnancy and divorce by 30% in ten years.

Restore California was founded by Congressman George Radanovich who, after years of public service in Mariposa County, represented the Nineteenth Congressional District of California in the Congress of the United States (1995-2011). 

Radanovich is convinced that worshipping God, loving our neighbor as ourselves, raising a family and working are the few and simple ways in which to pursue happiness and that, while our government provides peace and security, it is the responsibility of our culture to build strong institutions to support these pursuits

Some of these institutions that support the pursuit of happiness are strong, others are crumbling before our very eyes.

Restore California addresses the weakest of these institutions, the family, by reducing fatherlessness, unwed pregnancy and divorce by 30% with no government assistance.

Radanovich founded The Four Institutions, Inc., a 501 ©(3) non-profit corporation in 2013, to educate and establish the ideas of  Restore California in every California community, and convince State and federal governments to reduce spending on harmful government programs based upon the success of Restore California program.

On this website you can also obtain a book written by Congressman Radanovich that presents the intellectual argument for this effort.  The book is The New World Order is the Old World Order.

Keep checking for County by County updates on the establishment of Restore California Committees throughout California (Restore San Joaquin County, Restore Madera County, etc.) 

If you are interested in being a champion for the fatherless child in your community, please contact George Radanovich at

George Radanovich - The New World Order is the Old World Order

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